Camera Austria 134/2016


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Doručení během 1–5 pracovních dnů
Osobní odběr v Brně
Osobní odběr v Praze
Česká pošta – balík
105,00 Kč
Česká pošta – dobírka
135,00 Kč

Doprava po ČR zdarma pro objednávky nad 2000 Kč

Camera Austria 134/2016 +


    The artists introduced here by our guest editor Maren Lübbke-Tidow are connected by the radicality of their thought and action, as well as by the way in which they subvert and overcome visual conventions. The flickering visual appearances of their image worlds refer to specific aesthetic experiences and aesthetic knowledge. Everyday contemporary cultural surface aesthetics are just as much a critical and seductive point of reference for them as the discourses on purity and canonised art scholarship. They explore new forms of permeability, persevere in zones of transition, and with gestures ranging from provocative and extreme to camp, they sensitise the viewer to other, hybrid contexts of perception.


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