sport de vie – documentation céline duval


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sport de vie – documentation céline duval +


    documentation céline duval plunges us into a world of emotions, eroticism, and sensuality: a place of endless views where pleasures are shared, where the sun caresses the skin and cool water embraces the body, of flavours that melt in the mouth just like the sensation of bodies that brush against each other, of looks thrown and of smiles offered. It is the essence of existence that develops in these images. But as one turns the pages the emotions change: at first, they are intense and physical, full of sounds, light, and touch. Then, tranquility takes hold in a calm and harmonious retreat. We enter these brief moments through the loving gaze of the amateur photographer who captures his friends and family in action, showing them in their best light – sensitive, fragile, erotic or high spirited. The people who are photographed join with the photographer in the desire to pose and to present. Together they play the photographic game on display – of looking and showing. Interspersed in the book are images that underline the sexism and power games already present in erotic stereotypes, troubling the harmony without destroying it. To plunge is to drift away.


    Nakladateldocumentation céline duval
    Rok vydání2010
    Autordocumentation céline duval
    GrafikaMyriam Barchechat
    Počet stran104
    Formát21 x 14,5 cm
    Typ vazbypevná, plátno


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    sport de vie – documentation céline duval

    sport de vie – documentation céline duval