Neomaterialism – Joshua Simon


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Neomaterialism – Joshua Simon +


    In this absorbing theoretical manifesto, Israeli curator Joshua Simon
    argues that we have moved into an economy of neomaterialism.
    Despite the rhetoric of dematerialization in art practices since the 1960s, the embodiment of materiality has actually just shifted: the focus of labor has moved from production to consumption, the commodity has become the historical subject and symbols now behave like materials. Here, Simon advocates for the unreadymade, sentimental value and
    the promise of the individual as a means for a vocabulary in this new
    economy of meaning. Reflecting on general intellect as labor and the
    subjugation of an overqualified generation to the neo-feudal order of
    debt finance, Neomaterialism merges traditions of epic communism
    with the communism that is already here.


    Rok vydání2013
    AutorJoshua Simon
    EditorAnna Altman
    GrafikaAvi Bohbot
    Počet stran188
    Formát12x20 cm


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    Neomaterialism – Joshua Simon

    Neomaterialism – Joshua Simon